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Laser Gas Analysis -- Overview

Multi-gas Industrial Process Analyzer System

Multi-Zone Furnace Multi-gas Process Analyzer System

Transportable Multi-gas Analyzer System

Process Gas Sampling System

Automatic 16-Port Gas Sample Selector System

Variable Capacity Industrial Air Conditioner

Sample Gas Filter

Gas Line Stainless Steel Filter Holder

Application Brochures

Laser Multi-gas Process Analysis System -- Product Description

Bio-Process Multi-Gas Analyzer

Advanced Gas Measurement of Bioprocesses -- Poster

Laser Gas Analyzer for Power Plant Control Application

Laser Gas Analysis for Power Plant Monitoring & Control -- Poster

Benefits of ARI's Laser Gas Analyzer -- Poster

Optimize Fossil Fuel Power Plant Combustion Processes -- Poster

Laser Gas Analysis for Carburizing Control Application


Atmosphere Recovery and Regeneration in Heat Treating Operations
NICE3 Project Fact Sheet, Office of Industrial Technology, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, U.S. Department of Energy, February 2002

Atmosphere Recovery and Regeneration in Heat Treating Operations
NICE3 Final Report, Rich, R. R., Atmosphere Recovery, Inc., 1997

Control System Improves Heat Treating Precision
Vodde, F., Lontoc, R., and Van Zyl, G., Industrial Heating, January 2002

Laser Gas Analysis
Rich, R. R., Heat Treating Progress, September 2002

Minnesota's Fuel Cell Industry
Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance, July 2003

Presentation Slides

Advanced Gas Measurement of Bio-Pharma Processes
January 15, 2004

Enhanced Rate Chemical Processing Using Non-equilibrium Reactions Controlled with High Speed Gas Analysis
January 14, 2004

Potential for Lower Cost Gas Analysis Using Miniaturized Industrial Raman Spectroscopy
January 13, 2004

Industrial Process Offerings and Capabilities
May 8, 2003

Removing the Guesswork from Furnace Atmosphere Control with Laser Gas Analysis
October 29, 2002

Eight Gas Analysis for Complete Furnace Atmosphere Control
October 9, 2002

High Performance, Low Emission Carburizing Furnace Atmosphere Generation & Control Using Rapid Laser-Based Gas Analysis
October 11, 2000

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