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Batch Furnace Multi-gas Process Analyzer

Product Description

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The Multi-gas Process Analyzer System is designed to monitor the gas processes in single zone batch furnaces for composition with optional temperature and pressure measurements. The system includes electrically powered equipment to sample toxic, flammable, possibly explosive gases and uses high-pressure gas cylinders for calibration.

The system is housed within a NEMA 4 electrical enclosure that is permanently mounted near the process. The heart of the system is ARIís Laser Gas Analyzer (LGA), which is a self-contained gas sampler/analyzer that uses the principles of Raman spectroscopy to simultaneously identify and quantify eight gaseous compounds. The system connects the analyzer to four gas-sampling ports via a unique valve manifold. Sample scheduling, which is user configurable, is generally set to continuously cycle through the four ports, one after another. Sample time at each port is typically 10 to 15 seconds.

The system includes ARIís multi-port-purge system that uses an auxiliary pump to simultaneously pre-purge one or more sample lines while simultaneously analyzing gas in a specified line. This shortens the time between port-gas measurements by keeping the sample lines filled with fresh sample gas. The system also includes ARIís nitrogen back flush system. Should any of the four sampling lines become restricted or plugged, pressurized nitrogen can be forced backwards down the line to clean it.

Application Areas

Heat treating of metals Glass manufacturing
Metal refining Food processing
Petrochemical processes Semiconductor production
Bio-pharma fermentation