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Advantages & Benefits

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Dana Corporation

Advantages & Benefits

Experience gained in controlling heat treating of metals—the initial application of the Laser Gas Analyzer & Controller (LGA)—illustrates advantages over conventional gas analysis techniques such as IR gas analysis, gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy.

Laser Gas Analyzer & Controller Advantages

Monitors all significant process gases, not just a few
One instrument can concurrently measure eight gases instead of the one to three typical for heat treating.

Temperature and pressure measurements can be included in the data stream to build more thorough process understanding.

Continuous operation and real-time control capability
Fast response time—50 milliseconds per reading or better—makes real-time process optimization possible.

Gas sampling is automated and an automated purge function assures continuous sampling.

Captures rich multi-factor record of process history
Continuous process data stream over time indicates changes in equipment in addition to process dynamics. Maintenance and repair diagnosis are speeded.

Factory atmosphere can be monitored, too
The Laser Gas Analyzer & Controller can back-up safety system measurements.

Customizable, operator-friendly graphic user interface
Laser Gas Analyzer & Controller installations are tailored to the process and equipment monitored. The custom UI aids learning and simplifies operation.

Remote monitoring and operation can be implemented.

Laser Gas Analyzer and Controller Application Results

  • Shorter process times
  • Improved, more uniform part quality
  • Higher batch yields

Financial Benefits

Operating cost reductions
Reduced cycle time saves heating gas use and atmosphere process gas.

Better control leads to reduced rework costs and reduced destructive analysis costs.

Better process knowledge and operating data can be used for predictive maintenance, catching potential operational failures before they occur.

Reduced emissions to environment reduce pollution control costs and regulatory compliance costs.

Reduced need for capital equipment
Rapid Carburization™ processes require much less process atmosphere gas; endothermic gas generators can be reduced
or eliminated.

Higher yield means fewer process furnaces are required for the same production volume.

The multi-function Laser Gas Analyzer can replace several analytical instruments.

Low installed cost
A full Laser Gas Analyzer & Controller installation costs less than traditional instruments and controls.

Installation time is usually only 4 to 8 hours.

Users of the Laser Gas Analyzer have recovered their system costs in months.

LGA use in continuous improvement R & D programs has multiplied the return on initial investment in heat treating systems.

Strategic Advantage

The Laser Gas Analyzer & Controller can help you develop proprietary process knowledge that sets you apart from competition!

And unlike other analyzer providers, ARI will assist in process
set-up and tuning to get the greatest performance from your industrial gas processes.

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