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Laser Gas Analyzer & Controller

ARI's Laser Gas Analyzer (LGA) is a unique high-speed gas spectrometer that measures concentrations of eight or more gases simultaneously. It includes a completely integrated computer controller and sampling system that rapidly monitors industrial gas process operations.

The LGA becomes a complete gas process control system when connected to manufacturing equipment through appropriate hardware and software connections. The laser in the LGA detector module stimulates the gases sampled to emit distinctive light spectra, a phenomenon called "Raman scattering," named after the scientist who discovered it. The module has an unlimited gas concentration detection range from 50 parts-per-million—or lower—to 100% and can be easily modified to detect gas species of interest to many industries.

Raman laser effects have been used industrially for the chemical analysis of solids and liquids; the patented ARI Laser Gas Analyzer is the only commercial instrument to analyze gases this way. The LGA System is the only gas analyzer on the market that combines high-speed gas analysis of so many species at such a low price. The standard model has the capability of analyzing the eight gas species important to most heat treating operations.

Automated analysis of complex atmospheres

Changes in gas composition can be detected in as little as 50 milliseconds and the standard analyzer can detect any combination of eight gas species. Additional detector modules increase the number of gas species detected up to 24.

Fully automated software programs have been developed to automatically operate the detector, control sampling, display results, and record collected data. The LGA system is designed for continuous operation with minimal maintenance, and all systems include the ability to remotely monitor and assess system performance.

Raman gas detection is significantly different from infrared-, laser- or ultraviolet-based adsorption technology. Such systems typically analyze no more than three gases per detector and can measure only a limited range of gas concentration range. Unlike such analyzers, the LGA system contains an integrated control computer, gas sampling system and control system connectors. LGA installation is much easier and installed system price is competitive with even the lowest priced less capable technology.

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